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new housing development

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I expect to be moving in a year or two to a new housing development...some houses built and I have visited them....When i asked about bird feeders was told you can put them out but do not expect a lot of birds.  The reason given is that there are no mature trees around.  Any advice

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Sounds right.  I'd start with a single feeder with black oil sunflower seed.  If that gets any attention, add a suet feeder.  Over a couple of months, those should tell you if you'll get any long-term attention.

If you haven't picked a lot yet, try to get one on the edge of the development nearest trees or water.

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thank you Charlie - we have picked a lot at the back of the development and close as we can to trees and water.  They are planting some trees now but it will take a while.  I do not expect to see the woodpeckers we see now but will take your advice and keep my fingers crossed for others....not starlings or HOSP!.  I do have a large feeder that has suet cages on either end.  Have been using suet dough in those and suet in logs I drilled out.  I will bring that one or get a smaller one   And as i said...keep my fingers crossed

thanks again

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