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Mystery shore bird in group shot

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1 hour ago, blackburnian said:

It’s just a pelican That plumage is pretty normal for them, I believe.

Agreed. This is a juvenile Brown Pelican, which normally has a brown overall with a white belly. 

2 hours ago, hbvol50 said:

thought cormorant. now I'm not sure

There is a cormorant (either a Double-crested or a Neotropic) below that bird, though!

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3 hours ago, thelodger14 said:

getting a Sandhill Crane feeling?

You mean the red on the head? That would appear to be some sort of optical aberration.

That's said. I can't quite make out the pelican in this bird. The posture seems to be too vertical, and where is the bill? Not that I have a better idea.

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