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Unusual (to me) bird call

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I heard this in the woods in northern Vermont.  I don't recall hearing anything like it before, but it occurred to me later that it could be a Northern Cardinal.  There are residences not too far away (road noise in the background).


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Thanks for the reply.  We did a little research, and we're pretty familiar with the normal birds around here, but we just couldn't come up with anything that fit.  I was hoping it would trigger something for someone here.  It was calling from the canopy, if that makes a difference.  I suppose it could be something domestic, which would be outside my experience.

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9 hours ago, HamRHead said:

Wild guess, but maybe a Tufted Titmouse. They have surprised me more than once with some off-the-wall composition. However, I could not find a match for this particular tune.

Interesting suggestion, thanks!  I think that should have occurred to me before, having myself been surprised by their songs, also.  Anyway, it appears it was most likely some common bird vocalizing in an uncommon way.  Thanks for the reply.

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