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21 hours ago, bearcat6 said:

How does the leaderboard feature work? How is it scored etc.? Why did I have a score of 180 one day and the next it was 177?


I'm not 100% sure, but I think the Leaderboard is a count of reactions(likes, etc.) to your posts. The only reason I could see your count going down is if someone unliked something they had previously liked. I'm not sure what the limit on likes are set to or how unliking a post affects your limit, but maybe someone unliked some of your posts trying to recover likes to use on other posts. I'm just speculating on something I know very little about, so take it with a grain of salt. :classic_unsure:


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I did some research because I wasn't sure of the answer. The leaderboard is calculated each day, with the members who have the content with the most reactions being the daily leaders. So it will vary from one day to the next, but the score for previous days should stay the same. You can choose to calculate for today, this week, this month, or since the beginning of the site (the recent restart in June, in this case). I have circled the spot you click on to change the range for the leader calculations:


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