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Immature Common Loon in Midcoast Maine

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Got this pic while on vacation in Maine a week ago.  I thought I was just photographing another Black guillemot  till I looked at the picture.  Wish it was in better focus.  Had I known, I would have attempted to get better pics (I was in a kayak at the time).  I can't imagine this is anything but a young common loon, but the color pattern is like none I've seen before.  Then again, I am not around loons all that much and am usually seeing adults or chicks when I am.  Just want to confirm my impressions.


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Thanks for the help all.  It sorta had a loon look to it, but the pattern was really throwing me for a loop.  I have no idea what a Guillemot looks like as a juvenile, but will go on a quest now.  Interesting looking bird but I wish the photo was sharper.


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