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Verify New York State Tufted Titmouse

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Sexes are similar, so from this picture probably not. Males apparently have a larger black forehead patch, although I'm not sure how apparent this difference actually is. Behavior wise, if you see them nesting, the hen will be on the nest. Males are more dominant and will sing the typical "peter-peter-peter" song more often than females. 

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8 hours ago, DivaInTheWoods said:

Another behavior I've noticed is they will eat briefly at the feeder. However, they more often get a seed then fly up to a branch to eat it making frequent trips. They hold the seed with their feet to break it open.

That behavior has helped me differentiate it from others at my feeder.

If you have chickadees or nuthatches, you'll notice they also feed this way.  However, they don't look much like titmice so shouldn't be much confusion.  Also, the nuthatches will cache some of the seeds for later.

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