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Barn Swallow and ??? (and Snake)

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I took these on a creek near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. I have identified the bird with the forked tail as a Barn Swallow. But the other one I do not know. Please help. And yes that is a snake hanging from the dock. I didn’t know that until I uploaded the photos. Bizarre right? 



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To be honest I'm not sure what this critter is. Maybe someone can help. My parents say it's a hedgehog so they are probably correct.

I did see a few more in the area later.  They seem to be abundant in the Chesapeake Bay part of Virginia's Northern Neck.  


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Thanks for the ground hog/wood chuck identifications. I did some more checking after I posted and realized this is not a hedge hog.  That's what my parents called them so I'll have to let them know what they really are.   Big sucker this ground hog!  

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