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I thought Red-wings didn't hunt fish.

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Inspired by the Osprey thread and it seemed fairly quiet here.

This is a Great Egret two seconds after a Red-winged flew in  and took a fish directly out of its bill - happened too quickly but it would have been my photo of the year.

I checked their diet and they are pretty flexible.

The Egret had been ignoring the constant harassment up to that point but this was a step too far.

Great Egret surprise HVT-7218319.jpg

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I don't think the RWHA was hunting fish as much as scavenging whatever the GREG had.  The GREG could have had a soy burger with sprouts and the RTHA was going to make a play for it regardless.

Oh, and nice photo!

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8 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

could have had a soy burger with sprouts

Charlie, still fairly quiet here so I will respond - I think even RWBLs have standards - soy burger ? (although I have to be honest and say I am one of the few people who actually like sprouts).

More than likely the Red-wings just wanted the Egret away from their nests.

Speaking of harassment I noticed this Turkey Vulture today being mobbed by a Grackle and three RWBLs. This particular Red-wing actually landed on the back of the Vulture several times (I think I have seen this before). Talk about insult to injury.

Turkey Vulture, RWBLs HandC-7219685.jpg

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