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I've had House Wrens in my Bluebird boxes before, but they're very hard to watch closely there due to how they stuff the box with sticks.  This year I have House Wrens nesting in a cavity (I think that a Downy actually made the cavity, but we haven't seen it back since the Wrens claimed it) in a mostly dead tree on our property.  And to top it off, the hole is barely 4ft off the ground!

Today I spotted one of the parents bringing a bug into the hole, so I waited till the parent had left and was able to snap this photo with my cell phone.  Not sure if I'll be able to get a photo with my good camera or not, its a weird angle, but I'm hoping to catch them fledging at least!



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3 minutes ago, ruthcatrin said:

completely missed them fledging, one day they were there, then two days later, when I could next check, they weren't!  Oh well.

Yeah, when they get of age they go quick! (Unlike human kids, sometimes!) :classic_tongue:

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