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Us trip in October

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So my wife and I have a couple weeks in early October and we are thinking of doing a birding trip anywhere in the US and we are looking for some ideas about where to go for great birding during this time. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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The Audubon website  has a lot of useful info and a quick Google will give you plenty of results, There are several places within about a two/three hour drive you can visit also, Barnegat inlet(a little early but you may get harlequin ducks there) Forsythe national refuge(wildlife drive can be pretty nice in the fall there). Avalon has a sea watch,hundreds of ducks/cormorants,water birds pass the jetty on the right days, you can take the ferry to delaware and visit Bombay Hook national refuge and if you have the time, Conowingo dam on the border of Penn and maryland should have plenty of Bald eagles to see,They usually start showing up mid october,some days there are hundreds there... Good luck on whatever you do



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