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Need help to ID a bird not seen before this year. This bird is:

black over dark grey;

almost robin-size, but sleek (robins tend to portly - not this bird);

long legs for size of body;

forward stance;

dagger-type beak;

tail at distinct angle up from plane of bird's back - wren-like, I guess, but as I understand it wrens are tiny and brown

I saw it on the roof today - it runs with head low; it pecked at the roof every so often - picking up seeds, maybe?

I've never seen it at a feeder or in a tree, always on a rock wall / the ground / house roof - but then I don't see it often, and never when I've a camera handy


Thank-you for your time and help


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They do prefer dense brushy areas, but they will occasionally come out into open areas.  A few weeks ago I kept seeing a catbird catching insects in the same area of our open yard.  It would hop out of the bushes as I came by on my lawnmower to forage for food in the grass clippings.  And one day I was standing on our deck and it flew up from the lawn and landed on my foot!

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