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6/24 at Hegewich Marsh on the south side of Chicago.  This bird was only a foot off the ground exhibiting typical fly and return flycatcher behavior.

I think Acadian based on the very clear long primary extension.  I also think everything else fits with the details from this fabulous document I will once again post:

Flycatcher document

Here are 4 photos of this bird.  This is a bird I have been trying to get photos of for quite a while.  What do you think?

48130305347_6580b859db_z.jpgDSC09263r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

48130222911_f46c39fa33_z.jpgDSC09269r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

48130223056_995b37fb5f_z.jpgDSC09250r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

48130248083_11feac0ffe_z.jpgDSC09251r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

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Have you considered Eastern Wood-Pewee? I can't eliminate it from what I see here, and the behavior you describe (low to the ground flycatching) fits way better for that.

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1 hour ago, Mark5 said:

Blah, Doesn't my desire for it to be Acadian count for anything?

A Wood-Pewee by any other name is still a Wood-Pewee........😐

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