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Almost Albino Blue Jay?

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I've had this visitor to the yard for a few weeks now.  He is aloof, not hanging around the other blue jays, and was witnessed fighting with one this morning.  Has anyone seen one like this?  He almost looks like Nature wanted to make him and albino, and then said, "Nah!", and stopped mid-way!  I know this photo is a little grainy, but you can definitely see, by the regular blue jay near him, how muted and grayed out his main feathers are, with just a hint of the regular blue on his wing bars.  By the way, I live in Western Maryland, just outside of Cumberland.  I've fed the blue jays for years and years (very spoiled, they are!), and this is the first time I've seen a version like this!)

(the photo may be turned sideways - I can't get the software system to comply)

Blue and Gray2-cropped.jpg

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Hi and welcome! I moved this to the North American ID forum for you.

That does look like a leucistic Blue Jay to me. Leucism is when there is some abnormal absence of color but the bird is not fully albino, just what you describe. Sometimes they seem to do just fine, but it can affect their behavior too. Many of us like seeing them because they are a bit uncommon!

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