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NOT a Cardinal..Unknown bird

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I took this picture of a faraway bird with my Canon 70-300mm DO zoom lens. The focus was slightly off, but you can clearly see the purple head with RED belly. I thought it was a Cardinal at first glance, but clearly after cropping the picture is it NOT a Cardinal.

I took this picture in Jacksonville, FL at a nature preserve. I called the bird in using a Mockingbird audio recording that I found off YOUTUBE. Can anybody Identify this bird?http://‪C:\Users\jhfog\Desktop\Instagram_1.jpg



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@Surfing_Extra, you linked to the picture on your own hard drive.  You'll either need to insert it here or link to a photo sharing site.

If your sighting was recent, I'm going to guess Scarlet Tanager.  Otherwise,  please include the date of your sighting.  Thanks!



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