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arizona bird

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A friend's pics from Arizona... not sure where in AZ but, recent...

This is an example of me just having a REAL hard time with blurry photos. I've been told all three photos are of the same bird. I can't make out all the detail I need.  Looks almost like a female grackle(one of the long tailed ones) in one picture but the bill seems all wrong in another picture. Blurriness hides and distorts features to my eyes... :( 
Anyway, I need another opinion on the bird...





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14 minutes ago, hbvol50 said:

it's a towhee of some type, not sure which one

Finally got my oldest daughter to come look... and I mentioned that I had looked at them but just wasn't sure. So she opened the book and said it's probably an Abert's.  One of the things I hate about field guides is how the birds in real life aren't posed the same and have variations. In the book, this tail would look too long to me but, it is the best fit that I can see at the moment.
I'll wait for some confirmation though. 🙂


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