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Yellow and Black...

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Extremely easy to identify. Just take the state that you saw the bird, Kentucky, and see that it is a warbler... this means its a Kentucky Warbler! 🤣

Ok, really. This is a male Kentucky Warbler due to the olive back, yellow belly, and black "sideburns." They have no wingbars and have a yellow eyestripe and partial spectacle.

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7 minutes ago, Jodi Nielson said:

oh duh!  I feel pretty silly now...  Thank you and I'll add another new one to my list!

@akiley and I were just joking, @Jodi Nielson 😁. Wilson named this bird the Kentucky Warbler because he happened to observe it in Kentucky. It lives in many other states - you should almost never rely on birds' names if they are named after a state to determine the range of it (excluding Hawaii).

From www.allaboutbirds.org:


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6 hours ago, blackburnian said:

Don’t sweat it over the name. I’m sure there are plenty of Connecticut birders still waiting on their namesake Warbler to pay them a visit. 

...and in Cape May, Nashville, Tennessee, (hopefully not Virginia)! 😉

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