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red head sparrow

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Sorry picture is bad/blurry been trying to get pic for 7 months. i grow sunflowers pick them feed birds on my trailer they love it, but i noticed this red head sparrow (only one), is this a genetic anomily or some finch/sparrow crossbread ? i am not a bird watcher don't even reach novice status, just very curious. spotted july 28 2018 New Orleans, La. about 10 a.m. mid city


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i defer to your experience, but since its a bad picture and i've had trouble catching a pic, its front is as seen, but if you view from behind it looks like a male sparrow and red is not visible and flocks with only the sparrows with it, that's why i ask if it could be a hybrid, does the house finch look like a sparrow (male markings) from behind, that was the thing that surprised me, thank you

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Again this should have been posted in the normal Help Me Identify a Bird in the BIRDING group and I will move it there. I don't understand why people are putting it in this iBird forum. Any ideas on how to prevent this? Change the name of the forum to IBIRD ONLY Help Me Identify a Bird?

However the photo is a good candidate for iBird Photo Sleuth which is what this forum is for. So I took the liberty of using the app to ID this bird and as you can see iBird Photo Sleuth is 85% confident its a House Finch. I used the apps cropping feature to isolate the small bird at the back of the truck. See attached. 



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Well not being any kind of experienced bird person, I'm going by childhood and regional knowledge, I'm 61 years old and i was always told these were sparrows by grandpa (other birds on trailer, I'll get better pics of them and post later), in my humble opinion I'm 98% sure ALL the others are sparrows, i think the green that C.Spencer refers to (really bad phone pic) may be the sunflower heads i pull off to feed them, i estimate the flock near me at around 75 - 125, they fill the trees. The thing that threw me was i did not see it's red coloring till it faced me, the picture seems to be brightening the redness, it is much more subtle to the naked eye. also he is solo, no others have been sighted, perhaps he hangs with them for lack of same species company :). thanks again

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