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Middle Tennessee Robin look-alike yet different

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This morning, in the middle of Middle Tennessee, I spotted a bird that looked VERY much like a robin, but with a darker-red breast and blacker feathers.  (His?) tail had a few white ones amongst the black, similar in pattern to a classic mockingbird.  I've lived in Middle TN now for nearly 60 years, and this is the FIRST time (that I recall) ever seeing one.  Of course, he could have been an extremely old robin who's changed colors with age, but that would be a stretch, indeed!!  Any suggestions welcome.  Please note, this is NOT a red-winged blackbird!  (Otherwise, I'd not have written this post.)  Sorry, no photos:  he passed through the yard for only a brief moment while I was out hedge clipping.

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Thanks!  The Baltimore Oriole is the closest match -- there was no white spotted such as in the towhee.  After googling a few images, it occurs to me that there is sufficient variation in the oriole patterns to account for any difference between what's seen in the googled images vs. what I saw in the yard.  I remember thinking at the time that it could easily have been an Oriole except that it was so much blacker on top and sides -- and more dark red than orange, but the whiteness speckled into the dark looks exactly like an Oriole.  Thanks!!

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