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PNW pigeon w/white wings and brown breast

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Hello. I am brand new to this forum and very new to birding. I'm honestly pretty frustrated with my ability to identify the birds I see so far, so hopefully you can help!

I do not have a photo because I was driving. I was on a very busy street in Seattle at 9:30 a.m. and saw a pigeon-shaped bird pecking at something on the sidewalk. It had very striking white wings and a reddish brown breast.

I looked in a PNW bird guide, and have been scouring pigeon and dove descriptions online, but I can't find anything like it. Any ideas? Thank you!

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That is an Archangel, known also as a Gimpel. The colors are intense. Not an uncommon variety of domestic show pigeon. They come with copper or gold bodies, and various colored wings, including white as pictured here. But, pigeons with white wings occur in a number of breeds. It is usually called magpie, or saddle, or white wing or pied. 

And thanks for the vote of confidence. At least I am knowledgeable on something, I think. ?

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8 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

'PNW"?  Sorry, what's that?  Pigeon something-something?

Maybe "Pacific Northwest" (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia)? The OP was in Seattle, after all. 

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5 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Ah!  Seems kinda of redundant.  Is there a non-Pacific northwest?  :classic_blink:

Yep, California,  lol!!! I live in the PNW aka the Pacific Northwest [Washington, Oregon, and Idaho]...it is a more specific ''region''  of the West.  South Carolina is in the South Atlantic region, a more specific region of the South. ?

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