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Today I learned... birds pant

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Yesterday was unusually warm.  I saw a group of cormorants, and when I looked closer at the pictures, they all had their mouths open.  They clearly were not squawking - I would have heard them.  A bit of reading and I learned many birds pant (and flutter muscles in the throat to increase evaporation, called gular fluttering)

Nature is amazing.

42938907692_8d14e8d4f0_c.jpgIMG_0098 by Twotonetuna22, on Flickr

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I took this photo a couple of days ago. It was a hot day in South central Pa.  This Red-tailed hawk was quite active, flying to and from several different trees to gain a good vantage point. While looking through the view finder, I noticed that he appeared to be breathing heavily.


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