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13 hours ago, guy_incognito said:

Agree that it looks like an Elaenia.  Elaenias are notoriously difficult (and sometimes impossible) to identify.  There are 11 different Elaenias reported to eBird from Goias, so I really wouldn't have much confidence venturing an ID.

Yeah I agree probably best to leave as Elaenia sp.


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I'm not an Elaenia expert, but I've seen a lot of Yellow-Bellieds, and I have to say this doesn't look like one at all to me; crest looks way too small, tail too short, and body position and shape too round and short. I haven't jumped in but my best guess would be not a Yellow-Bellied.

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I was just wondering, for my own sake (not for doubting your conclusions), why this is not a Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet. I have never been to South America, so I just wanted to know why it is an Elaenia sp. and not a Tyrannulent sp. Also, if you want to differentiate Elaenias, what should you do? Get a good picture? Get a recording of its voice? Thanks.

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