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Today I spotted this beautiful bird in Oak Brook, IL, on top of a car hanging out in a shopping center parking lot. Upon closer look, he had a blue and yellow tag on both legs. Looks like a pigeon but not sure what kind of bird this is. Please help! 




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Welcome to Whatbird!

This is a domestic Rock Pigeon. There are many different breeds/variants of this species of pigeon - typical Rock Pigeons are blue-gray with gray wings and green-purple iridescence on the neck, but this one right here is more rusty-colored overall. @Pigeon, our expert at pigeon breeds here at Whatbird, might tell you more about the tags (which probably means it is a racing or homing pigeon) and the specific breed.

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Yes, almost assured that is a racing pigeon. Looks like an adolescent. The bands represent its I’d number and the year born, along with the racing association that issued the band. The other is a racing “tag” that is registered as the bird enters its home loft from a race. This is to determine its speed and the placing s in the race. The color is recessive red/yellow and is a hallmark of some strains, ie Trenton and Muhleman. Two old strains of very good racers. If there is any way you can read the numbers you can email the AU(American Union of racers) and they will probably I’d it’s owner. Give them the color of the band when you do. Athletes of the sky, and war heroes. All hail the “lowly” pigeon. 

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