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Another Gadwall but........

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Southern Ontario today.

I spotted this Gadwall today and I'm not sure if it is one of the two I posted July 30. They are quite or even very uncommon at this time of year so it has got my interest.

The head profile does not appear to have the typical "forehead" but possibly because it has been foraging and the feathers are flattened. Also the bill appears much paler than the previous two which had definite orange/black colouring (I played around in editing and it remained pale but....). The white tail appearance may just be the lighting.

Image 1. Gadwall seen today.

Image 2. A different picture than the one posted previously of the Gadwalls seen on July 30 for comparison.

Any comments appreciated, if it is just a typical Gadwall that is fine.


Image 1. Gadwall seen today.

Gadwall HVT-7220197.jpgI

Image 2. Gadwalls seen July 30.

Gadwalls 2 HVT-7220019.jpg

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5 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I don't see why the first bird isn't a Mallard (larger bill, elongated body).

Thanks TBNs. You are most likely correct. This one stayed away from the other ducks and the large patch of "silver colouring" on the wings appeared very distinctive but maybe/probably wishful thinking. I was actually leaning towards hybrid but maybe I need to calm down and get back to basics. Thanks again.

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