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Weird angle on a House Sparrow? Or?

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Stumped on this one. Unfortunately I only got photos from one angle. It's sparrow-sized. In the field I thought it had a buffy/yellow belly, but now I'm second-guessing what I saw. One possibility is drab female House Sparrow. I also considered female Lazuli Bunting but the bill color is pink, and I see no hints of blue. Any other thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

Seen in San Francisco, CA Aug 12





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In my opinion, this looks fine for a female/immature male Lazuli Bunting. Note the cone-shaped pink bill (females/immatures have pink, not black/gray, bills), cinnamony breast, and warm grayish above. The blue is so faint that it is usually hard to see.

Female House Sparrows have a much more mottled/streaked back.

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