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Possible uncommon shorebirds (from coastal MA)?

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Hi All,

It's that time of the year where the eyes hurt (scoping through hundreds of shorebirds) and brains hurt (trying to process all the differences between them). This time there were 2 - 3 birds that looked "unusual" but I wasn't confident enough to positively ID them. I did take some photos, hoping you can help out. 

1) This bird stood out from rest of the semipalmated sandpipers. It looked like a "Western Sandpiper" to me. What do you think?


2) I considered the possibility of a "Pectoral Sandpiper" on the field. The first photo matches what I thought I saw. However, the next photos don't seem right for a PESA (unless if they're different birds).



3) This could be the same "Western Sandpiper" mentioned in #1. This was at the same location but seen a little while later.


4) Semipalmated sandpiper? Baird's sandpiper?


Thank you!

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1) All look like fresh Semis

2) The first photo could be a Pec, I'm not sure. The next two are Leasts. Pecs have a pale base to the bill and even heavier breast streaking.

3) Not sure about this one. The last photo seems to show a rufous bar on the scapulars but it's tough to be certain. May just be a fresh juv Semi

4) No Baird's. I think you have a Semi and a Least

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Thank you Akiley! Not that I’m trying to influence you (or may be I am), but a pectoral and western sandpiper were seen at the same location (and specifically, the same pool).

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