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2 Crow types from Africa

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1.  This crow is a blurry picture from Zimbabwe.  Please confirm this is the African Pied Crow.

2.  This crow I had ID'ed before the web crash a few years ago,  but I forgot to write the name down.   It can't be the same crow as in Picture 1 as the white is only on the beak tip and shoulders.

This crow was seen in New Jersey a few years back and I didn't think much of it at the time,  but now I'd like to put it in ebird as maybe someone's pet was tracked down.


Thanks for the help


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  1. I agree with Pied Crow (Corvus albus) - Note the black overall and white in the shoulder to the lower breast region.
  2. Cool "rarity" - This is a White-necked Raven (Corvus albicollis) - Note the black overall, white neck, and the huge, white-tipped bill. This differs from the Thick-billed Raven by the lower placement of the white.
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Thanks so much, regarding the White-necked raven I had to look for a little bit at the difference between White-necked Raven and Thick-billed Raven.    It seems like there are regional differences,  so if in that part of Africa you know what you see.   But when there is a stray in the US,  you need to may more attention.

Yes,  this was a cool rarity.  Too bad at the time I didn't have the foresight to capture audio,  it made a lot of noise.   But I'm happy to at least have had a cell phone that had a charge and capture the shot that could be used for a solid ID.

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