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Two from Las Vegas

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These are from Las Vegas earlier this week.  It was rather hot outside so I took these from hotel window - part of the reason for  poor quality.  It was so hot  - I saw a roadrunner - nice one..but only running he did was from shade to shade

1 what kind of hawk..these two are the same bird

48613190061_0106bbf0cc_n.jpgVegas Hawk by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr

48612820363_f454f3e311_n.jpgVegas Hawk by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr


2 could this be a Cackling Goose or just plain Canada Goose or something else?  They seemed more brown than the ones we see here in Baltimore County

48613200371_e76706c0eb_n.jpgVegas Goose by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr


thank you...

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24 minutes ago, jcarscadden said:


my guide makes the rough legged hawk look different so I looked it up in Allaboutbirds - Cornell  and there have been no sightings in the past few years anywhere near Las Vegas.  As I mentioned this was from my hotel room in Vegas.  But who knows..thanks

Did you look at my PM, @jcarscadden?

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