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Glacier Park Birds

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All from Glacier National Park in Montana on 8/14 or 8/15.  They were all at lower elevation around the Lake McDonald area.

1) Western Wood-Pewee

48615669662_ffebd9a87c_z.jpgDSC00507r Western Wood-Pewee by Mark Ross, on Flickr

2)  Orange-Crowned Warbler

48615173153_82a287373f_z.jpgDSC00501r Orange-Crowned Warbler by Mark Ross, on Flickr

3)  Bluebird of some type?

48615173173_fc624d95c6_z.jpgDSC00486r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

4)  Don't know.

48615173193_a3585db87e_z.jpgDSC00406r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

5)  Swainson's Thrush.  I do not see any red on that tail.

48615173048_1becb1c65f_z.jpgDSC00329r by Mark Ross, on Flickr

6)  Common Mergansers.

48615173228_4c39d12d7e_z.jpgDSC00260r Common Merganser by Mark Ross, on Flickr

7)  House Wren

48615520191_8f2db2df4e_z.jpgDSC00193r by Mark Ross, on Flickr


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  1. Either a Western Wood-Pewee or an Olive-sided Flycatcher...
  2. I don’t know if this is identifiable. There are many warblers that have a gray head and an olive body, including female/immature Nashville, immature Orange-crowned, and female/immature MacGillivray’s. The bird is distant and I can’t see the eyering...maybe someone else can help you out.
  3. This is actually a Fox Sparrow (Slate-colored subspecies) - Note the gray upperparts, red wings and tail, bicolored bill, and streaked underparts. Bluebirds would have a thinner bill and blue wings and tail.
  4. I would say juvenile Dark-eyed Junco based on the gray head, tan body, and white outer tail feathers.
  5. Yes, I would say Swainson’s Thrush based on the buffy face, spots on the breast and belly, and brown back.
  6. Yes, I would say female/immature Common Merganser based on the thin red bill, rusty brown head, white throat, and gray body.
  7. This is not a House Wren. House Wrens have thinner bills, so this is probably a juvenile sparrow/similar sized bird...
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1. I like Olive-sided, but another shot couldn't hurt

2. Need a closer photo. I can't tell if there is any eye ring, full or half, so Nashville and MacGillivray's can't be ruled out

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