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These are juvenile Red-necked Phalaropes! Note the small size, long, thin bill, and how they sit high on the water. While breeding adults are gray above, have a white throat patch, and a rusty neck, nonbreeding adults are mostly white with a mottled gray back, black ear patch, and gray crown. Juveniles are similar to nonbreeding adults but have buffy stripes along the back. 

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Fun fact about phalaropes taken from www.allaboutbirds.com:

 Advanced issues found
 Advanced issues found
18 minutes ago, akandula said:

"In phalaropes, it’s the females that are the more brightly colored sex. They get into fierce fights over the males they want to mate with. Then after they’ve laid their eggs, they take no part in raising the young and often seek out another male and lay another clutch."

Phalaropes are quite opposite in terms of breeding than many other types of birds. :classic_biggrin:

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