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Need Buteo ID Assistance!

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I agree with juvenile red shouldered. You can just see hints of those red shoulders starting. Adults would have a fine orange barring on the chest and prominent white and black checkering on the wings. They are a fairly large hawk especially the females. I have an adult that lives in my swamp. She snacks on all sorts of swamp creatures including snakes, crawdads and frogs. 

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I am leaning Broad-winged on this one. Red-shouldered, from my knowledge, would have pale barred secondaries and usually be leaner and have more crisp streaks on the underside. Also, I would think Red-shouldered would have a thinner banded tail. I do see red-tinted shoulders, but Broad-winged also show this, so this is not a very good ID feature. 

Maybe @The Bird Nuts, who is good at separating these two species, can confirm one way or the other.

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