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Seen yesterday (9/6/2019) in south-central Kansas at a large wetland. 

I heard the bird chipping first, the chipping noise was like that of a cardinal but softer. It was first in a brushy grassland area likely feeding and then it perched on some shrubs higher when it noticed my presence, and flew into a wooded area and seemed to disappear and go quiet. I did not end up getting a recording unfortunately, so I understand if this bird does not end up being identifiable from the photos but I figured it would not hurt to post and see all your thoughts. Thanks in advance for any help!

More photos found here: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S59545790







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5 hours ago, blackburnian said:

Looks good or Least Flycatcher.


32 minutes ago, hbvol50 said:


Thanks you guys! Someone thought it was a Traill's, and another thought either Yellow-bellied or Acadian. How did you rule these guys out and get Least if you're able to say why? I believe that you two are likely correct but I want to learn and get better with these guys. I believe both Yellow-bellied and Acadian are somewhat rare for this time of year which I know might rule them out that way but I'm not sure how to rule them out by looks if it's possible.

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