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A few unknown birds from Iceland

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Some of these birds seem very familiar, I have photos from the  Snaefellsnes Peninsula , Iceland.

I am guessing at a few, hopefully I am not including too many at one time?

This bird was seen at a small pond on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland I am including three different views

    48701991322_90550afd81_z.jpgIMG_5900A by Eileen, on Flickr

48701991272_16133e2299_z.jpgIMG_5899A by Eileen, on Flickr

48701488533_1507f04e35_z.jpgIMG_5888A by Eileen, on Flickr


This duck was in the same area as the bird above, Snaefellsnes Peninsula , Iceland. Looks like a Scaup?

48701488423_a762c5b8c4_z.jpgIMG_5895A by Eileen, on Flickr


Thanks for any help in advance.


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