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This is indeed a juvenile/nonbreeding adult Stilt Sandpiper. Note the medium size, long, greenish legs, and long, decurved bill. Breeding adults have heavily barred black-and-white underparts, a dark blotched back, white eyebrows, and rufous cheeks. Nonbreeding adults are grayer overall, with prominent white eyebrows and pale underparts. Juveniles have long, yellow-green legs, a scaly look on the back, whitish underparts, and buffy tones on the neck and head.

To answer your doubts, nonbreeding adults and juveniles lack the heavy barred underparts. Size is very difficult to judge in the field. Rely more on proportions, plumage, etc. In this bird, you can notice the huge body and small head, distinctive for Stilt Sandpipers.

The only similar sandpiper in the range is the Western Sandpiper, which would have a much more front-heavy shape and shorter bill, legs, body, etc.

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