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Alder Flycatchers?

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20 minutes ago, RobinHood said:

@akiley. Just wondering (you are one of my handful of "go to persons" for solid IDs on this site). Is this primarily based on location as Calgary appears to be close to the northern limit for Willows?, so Alder would seem to be by far the most obvious candidate.


Yes, there probably shouldn't be many Willows at this location, but more visually. Traill's can be tough but they're not completely identical. Each end of the spectrum has fairly distinct looks. Many are best left unidentified, but you photographed classic Alders. In contrast, Willows are more grayish rather than rich green on the back, have a slightly peaked or crested head, weaker eyering and wingbars, and a more elongated look (slightly pewee-like), where Alders tend to look more compact. 

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