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Fall Migration 2019

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1 hour ago, tclarkwood said:

Still waiting on the rest of the November guests to show up at my property.   The seem to be running late this year. After seeing the few juncos fly away last week, I have not seen them again.  Looking for the American Goldfinches.  It is about time for them to show up at my house. 

I'll send you some of my American Goldfinches. There's 100+ in my yard now!!! They're about to eat me out of house and home! :classic_smile:

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So I have a lot of Dark Eyed Juncos that come everyday. I noticed a few days ago I have some Orange Crowned Warblers, and the Finches have showed up again. I still have the usual Titmouse, Cardinals, Chickadees, Wrens, Bluejays, and House Sparrows. Starting to go thru a lot of BO Sunflower, shelled peanuts, and the suet has really become popular lately. I have 8 different blocks out right now, front and back yards. Seems like the cold weather has finally pushed them all down here in the south again.

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