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September 2008, Lexington, central SC.

The shot was taken in a panic through a damp window screen before the bird flew off.  Indeed, he was there only long enough for me to notice him, grab the camera, and get one truly mediocre shot (at best).

I'm pretty sure it's a young Accipiter.  Is the apparent lack of low streaking and the width of the white tail band enough to call this a Cooper's, or is the photo unidentifiable?



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Yeah, I meant to do that with the photo.  That's exactly the look I was going for.  So glad a true appreciator of the photo graphic arts picked up on that.  Anyone with lesser artistic tastes would have missed the point and just said something like, "What a crappy photo!  My kid could have done that!"  :classic_biggrin:

7 hours ago, HamRHead said:

And judging by the chain link fence, this is a good size bird.

I realized when I woke up this morning it's possible to estimate the bird's size based on the diameter of the 2" pole.  If it's a Sharpie, it's likely a state record. :classic_tongue: It definitely fits better in the Cooper size range.

Thanks!  That's a backyard lifer.  -NOW- my photo tagging project is complete.  Next I get busy loading the shots up to eBird.

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