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Small duck with Canada Geese

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18 hours ago, blackburnian said:

Photos 1 and 3 show an American Wigeon. The rest are of a Ruddy Duck.

I also agree.

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Most ducks - especially breeding-plumage males, like this wigeon - can actually be identified from quite far away by the combination of body proportions, behavior, and dark/light pattern. The wigeon's black and white patches near the back end (on a male) - and only there - are a little similar to some other ducks, but not exactly the same. An orangish body and grayer head like that, on a roughly Mallard-shaped duck, also point to American Wigeon.

Ruddy Ducks, on the other hand, are very small ducks with short necks and proportionally big heads and bills, and a cheek area that's paler than the rest of the duck. They also often dive completely under the water (they are "diving ducks"), while wigeons and other "dabbling ducks" very rarely go all the way under, instead just turning sideways and sticking their heads down into the water to feed.

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