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I finally got to take a day off work Friday.  Instead of relaxing I got up at 6:00 AM grabbed a coffee and went to the park for 8 miles of hiking and bird watching.  After picking up this hobby 5-6 years ago I think I am now hooked.  Below are some birds that I was torn on.  All photos were taken in Jefferson County KY two days ago on the 27th.  Thanks!

1) Red-eyed Vireo?  This would be a lifer for me.


Unidentifiable Warbler?  I never did get a good look at this little guy through the binoculars, and this is the best photo I got (he would not sit still).  I had no idea in the field and I'm not sure the photo is good enough to get an ID on it.  


3) Orange Crown Warbler or Imature / Female Common Yellowthroat?  Or something else?  

Immature Common YellowthroatCommon Yellowthroat



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  1. Yes, this is a Red-eyed Vireo! Note the olive-green above, whitish below, no wingbars, dark stripes through the eye and above the eye, thick, hooked bill, and white eyebrow. The red eye is not always easy to see due to the lighting.
  2. This is a Black-throated Green Warbler. Note the yellow face, dark auriculars, green back, dark streaking on the flanks, and white undertail coverts set off by a yellow rump.
  3. This is a Tennessee Warbler, due to the green back, pointy bill, conspicuous pale eyebrow, dark eyeline, white undertail coverts, and unstreaked underparts. Both Orange-crowned and yellowthroats have yellow undertail coverts.
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