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Gulls and More to ID

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All taken last 2 weeks in Orange County, CA.  The shore birds at Crystal Cove State Beach and the others O'Neil Regional Park Area.  


Crystal Cove:

OK,  For these two Gulls I think it is a Ring-Billed and a Western Gull.  The leg color is throwing me off.  


Confirming this is a Willet  


I'm guessing Song Sparrow (Or House) because every time I think it is a new sparrow it ends up being a Song Sparrow.  


O'Neil Park Area:

I believe this is a an Anna's 


And this one I don't know.  I first thought Dark-Eyed Junco, but I always see those in a flock. Maybe a  



Any and all help greatly appreciated!


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4. I don't think this is an Anna's hummingbird. this hummer is pretty small. I'm not an expert with hummers in general either, but my experiences with Anna's hummer lead me to believe that this might be a black-chinned. maybe someone with more expertise will lend some help. or maybe I'm just misjudging the size proportions... agree with everything else.

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