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1) Looks like a Bay-breasted/Blackpoll with dark feet. A see a little streaking on the breast however.

2) Tennessee Warbler

3) Song Sparrow

4) American Goldfinch

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2 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I agree with akiley.  The Baypoll is difficult to see, but I'm leaning Bay-breasted.  Note the longer tail on the Song Sparrow.

Agreed. I think we can safely call the first bird a Bay-breasted. It obviously has dark feet, I think I can see some peach wash on the flanks, and the streaking isn't that strong.

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1 hour ago, John Landon said:

Thanks all, with respects to the finch, the Black bill and feet don’t mean much for field marks?

Yes, for the American Goldfinch, the bill of a breeding adult is pink, but in a nonbreeding adult/immature, it's grayish-brown. The feet are dull pink year-round. 

Lesser Goldfinches are not in your range.

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