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need help with these please

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  1. Nonbreeding female/immature Blackpoll Warbler - Note pale yellow overall with blurry streaking on the flanks, bold white wingbars, and orange feet.
  2. Song/Lincoln's Sparrow
  3. Female Common Yellowthroat - note yellow on throat, yellow undertail coverts, and thick pink bill.
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6 minutes ago, gpoole said:

Thanks akandula. Does Song/Lincoln's Sparrow mean either/or  or a hybrid? Excuse my newbieness.

Don't worry! It's all part of the learning experience.

I meant either/or. Usually, in the birding world, one uses "/" for either/or and "x" for hybrid. I'm pretty sure someone can confirm either way -- it's just really tricky for me in that molting state.

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