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Help with a I.D. with a possible new bird.

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Solid gray with no body streaking, black and white throat streaks, reddish rump patch, tail about the same length as the body.

Range is good for Crissal's Thrasher.  I hope it's a lifer!

Is that an octagon bird bath, about a foot or so high, made of concrete?  I had one of those years ago.  If it is, give it a good coat of Water-Seal or other sealer a couple of times a year, esp. before winter freeze-thaw cycles.

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5 hours ago, blackburnian said:

The bill doesn’t appear to curve down very much. I don’t see why this isn’t Curve-billed? 


5 hours ago, thelodger14 said:

looks like a Curve-billed Thrasher

I went with Crissal's because of an overall uniform gray color (instead of a darker upper body, lighter lower body, streaky chest), a decidedly yellow eye instead of a reddish one, and the reddish shading under the butt.  The bill curving could be due to the camera angle, but I felt all the other factors outweighed that one.

But I'm working strictly from field guides on this one.  I just noticed the request early this morning and thought I'd take a shot at it since it was unanswered.   I'm happy to have experience override me.

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