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Cape May - Upcoming trip

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Hi.  I’m seeking some advice with regard to my still-in-the-works trip down to Cape May later this month…

I’ve visited multiple years in the past, typically around the Columbus Day weekend, but so far have yet to venture much beyond the hawkwatch platform.  

This will be just an overnight, and at least [part of] one of those days will be spent at and around the hawkwatch.  Lately I’ve had my curiosity piqued for exploring more of the Cape, though - with perhaps Cape May Meadows and HigbeeBeach being areas of interest. 

Can anyone offer any advice, tips, or insight into visiting either of those places?  What time of day is likely best?  I recently learned about the Morning Songbird Watch at Higbee, and I’m not so sure a pre-dawn visit (to catch the songbird migration in full force) is really in the cards for those in my group.  Then again, what birder wouldn’t like to maximize his chances to expand the Life List?!


Thanks in advance, for any & all replies!  🙂



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I think you're arriving just in time to get both good volume and diversity of migrants. I went several years ago in mid/late October, and didn't see huge numbers, although birding was still decent. Higbee is the go-to for migrant songbirds. Early morning is certainly the best time. That being said, the great thing about Cape May is that anything can show up any time, so just being in the area puts you into good position for seeing good birds. It can be overwhelming at times if you catch huge movements (especially at Higbee) but that's also the fun of it. Hopefully you'll see the Monarch migration, that was really a sight to see. Also, I don't know if you need Eurasian Wigeon, but they're really common up there. 

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