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iBird Photo Sleuth 1.2 Launched


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I'm pleased to announce that the latest version of our iOS app for identifying birds from any photograph has been updated. 

You can find it in the Apple App Store.  Here is what's new in version 1.2:

● Free Expert Help: a forum service "Help Me Identify a Bird." Ornithologist experts will analyze your photo and tell you what species of bird it is. You can send your photo from right inside Photo Sleuth. Use it to confirm Sleuth's guess or to dispute it. 
● Registration so you can sign up for our newsletter and updates to iBird Photo Sleuth.
● Compliance with GDPR Privacy regulations.
● Various bug fixes.
● Be sure and check out our new bundle The Delighted Birder; which includes this app plus iBird Pro and iBird Hawaii-Palau.

Love to hear your thoughts about these new features.



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Patricia iBird Photo Sleuth runs on the iPad but as an iPhone app. So on the iPad you need to switch the store filter from iPad only to iPhone only.
The app works just as well on the iPad as the iPhone. At some point in the future we will probably invest in reprogramming it to work on the iPad in native code.

We also have a special bundle offer called the Delighted Birder. This consists of 3 apps: iBird Photo Sleuth, iBird Pro Field Guide to Birds and iBird Hawaii-Palau Field Guide to birds at a 50% discount. Both field guide apps have native iPad code, meaning the GUI is designed specifically for the iPad.

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