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Hi.  My suspicion is that these birds I saw in my backyard this afternoon are American Goldfinches, just perhaps not with the bright yellow [male] plumage that I’d recognize instantly.  Are these perhaps females, immature birds, or males in seasonal plumage?  Or, am I perhaps barking up the wrong tree entirely?  Would greatly appreciate if anyone could help set me straight!  Photos taken in northern NJ.






48887649178_b18a54e74c_c.jpgP2410357 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr


48887648878_cdf3a23239_c.jpgP2410435 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr


48887648698_f963203688_c.jpgP2410529 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr


48888361032_c7cbb7d50c_c.jpgP2410548 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr


48888181461_a804f1e331_c.jpgP2410563 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr

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11 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Yes, those are all female, immature, or winter plumage male American Goldfinches.


Thanks!  No way to be exactly sure of which, I guess (without lifting up the tail feathers, haha).



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