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Should probably be an easy ID, but...

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Photographed these birds in my yard this afternoon.  I’ve employed both Audubon app for Android and been through my Peterson Field Guide for Eastern birds, and have yet to come across a definite match for this bird.  Best guesses are some member of the Warbler, Flycatcher, or Vireo family.  Must be a migrant species, because I don’t ever remember seeing one here in northern NJ before.  Can anyone help me ID this bird? 






48894038248_79001e244b_c.jpgP2410820 by sbutk, on Flickr


48894038043_13f50097d8_c.jpgP2410830 by sbutk, on Flickr


48894572046_f1348b2b73_c.jpgP2410834 by sbutk, on Flickr

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6 minutes ago, Bird-Boys said:

Yellow-rumped Warbler... maybe someone else can tell you which subspecies group.


4 minutes ago, Mark5 said:

Yep.  The yellow rump is clearly visible. 



I did count that as one of my possibilities, cool.  Thank you both! 


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