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Everybody else, isn't SoCal a bit far south for a Junco this time of year?

No, it isn't. Juncos are only northern birds in the east. In the west, they breed south in the Rockies to central Arizona, and in California all the way to northern Baja. (Yellow-eyed Juncos extend south through Mexico, but that's a different species.)

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Thank you, thank you! May be the Oregon.  Black head with grey body.  Was a no show last evening.  Few birds due to a peske hawk (perigon?)  Not a coopers this guy is smaller and very agile.  Can swoop down and even tried to grab a dove that was under the BBQ.  (feathers everywhere).  Comes out of nowhere.  Got so close to my dog that the top of her hair moved.  (Bichon with a pom pom hair do).  My squirt gun is at the ready but i'm too slow.  Back yard is long and narrow.  Have moved feeders so there is no room for it to grab one on the feeders.  But he waits till one is on the move (walking) then bam.   

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