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1 and 8 Rufous crowned Sparrow

2. Myiarchus sp. (I'm not good at them)

3. 2 American Wigeon and a Mallard

4. American Kestrel (female)

5. Common Yellowthroat

6. House Wren

7. I think it's a neotropic Cormorant due to white edging around the gape and fairly long tail

9. Hermit Thrush

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43 minutes ago, akandula said:

The Mexican Mallard subspecies and the normal Mallard were split in 2018. The Mexican Mallard is now called the Mexican Duck. 

That's true on eBird, but the AOS doesn't recognize the Mexican Duck as a species.

I feel that the cormorant is Double-crested.  The tail doesn't look long enough for and the gular patch doesn't look pointed enough for Neotropical, and here in New Mexico at least, Double-crested can have a white border around the gular patch.  The lighting makes it hard to tell, but the underparts might be too pale for Double-crested.  I can't tell what color the lores are.

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