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Sandpiper, finch, towhee and woodpecker help please

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All taken this past extended weekend.  The shorebird on the Colorado River near Bullhead city and the others at various trails in the Sedona Area.  All help, suggestions, and corrections greatly appreciated.  


The first one is a sandpiper at Bullhead city AZ, last weekend.  Normally I see Killdeer and Spotted Sandpipers.  This one might be another Spotted, but I'm not sure. IMG_6962.jpg.c55ec55f96976668605098881c9fee6c.jpgIMG_6961.jpg.d4b36d23423e1995d615e1c4d170d43e.jpg

Next, A towhee at Sedona AZ.  

I'm mixed between the Alberts and Canyon, but neither match the range in my field guide.  I'm leaning towards Canyon based on the higher elevation and area. 


Finch.  I can't tell House, Cassins, and Purple's apart.  I'm guessing Cassins on this one at Sedona, again based on elevation 







Finally, The one I'm most excited and unsure about.  I'm going with Gila Woodpecker, but the bill doesn't seem to match.  Also in the Sedona, AZ area.




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7 hours ago, blackburnian said:

1. Spotted Sandpiper

2. Canyon Towhee

3. House Finch

4. It's a flicker, not sure if Northern or Gilded.

Agreed on 1-3.

The flicker is definitely Northern. Gilded would show yellow (not red) under the tail/wings. I’d be leaning “Red-shafted” Northern Flicker — the color of the head and wings/tail match, but I can’t really see the nape, so I can’t safely rule out an intergrade.

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Just to clear up some confusions for bpresby:

On the towhee, note the buffy face. Abert’s Towhees would have a pale bill contrasting with a dark face.

Notice the really curved culmen (top of the beak) on the female/immature House Finch, as well as the blurry streaking (not crisp) which sets it apart from other similar finches.

Gila Woodpeckers would show a black-and-white (not brown) back and lack the spotted belly of Northern Flickers.

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