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Help with some hawk id

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Thanks for your input!

Just a thought, it kind of looks like Northern Goshhawk to me. For example it just seems more gray in color than immature red shouldered, and I can see part of the supercilium in the topside photo. 

I don't know,  its probably pretty unlikely to see a Goshhawk around here.

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On 10/23/2019 at 3:03 PM, Jerry Friedman said:

I nominate immature Red-shouldered Hawk.


(In the immature of the lineatus group at right.)

Juvenile Red-shouldereds have the pale tail bands narrower than the dark tail bands. Additionaly, the signature field mark for the species -- the crescent-shaped translucent wing panel -- is not in evidence.

The strong white wing bar is virtually conclusive for Northern Goshawk juv.

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